Monday, October 26, 2009

Preview of the Ridiculous Geocache

EDIT: wouldn't publish this because it's on MTSU property. If you want the coordinates, just ask.

I hid a sweet geocache today with my friends, and it's currently in review at If the admins think it's legit, it'll probably be listed online within a day or two. But you, my loyal readers, get to see the preview here first. Sorry, no coordinates.


an establishment which illegally sold

alcoholic beverages
during the period of United States
known as
Prohibition(1920–1932, longer in some states).
During this time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation
of alcohol was illegal.

The term may have come from a
patron’s manner of ordering an alcoholic drink without
raising suspicion—bartenders would tell
patrons to be quiet and “speak
or from the ability of patrons to
talk of alcohol without having to fear that government
officials would be

(Anti-alcohol campaign poster)

on an illegal stash of alcohol)

riddance or wicked waste?)

This cache is a tribute
to the extraordinary individuals who played a part in the
prohibition. The tireless enforcers of the law and the inventive
geniuses who worked around it were all a very interesting part of
our nation’s history.

The cache container is
a recycled bottle of my one of my favorite beverages. It has helped
me through the years that I have been going to college, and
probably saved my life a time or two (I am a commuter student). The
location is definitely not for the faint of heart nor the
claustrophobic, and requires a certain immunity to the fear of

The coordinates are
correct, but you won’t get a reading on your GPS if you are
actually in a position to find it.

Good hunting!

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