Saturday, August 8, 2009

The cigars were good.

Smoked with the Sherlock's Saturday crew tonight. We definitely earned our tobacco today, it was a long one. A good time was had by all.

I am playing Pokemon Silver for Game Boy Color on my PSP as well reading a great and famous book series. I have been told I am about a decade behind.

I love Nickel Creek.
Sometimes the unexplained defines you, sometimes silence is the only sound....

Sherlocks drag track duty 08-08-09

Here's a Logbook exclusive photo. It was a very hot day, and I worked out at the Sherlock's dragstrip [not pictured]. Joe brought me some lemonade, which was a lifesaver. And as you can see, I smoked my pipe. I can't remember what the blend is, but I bought it at Elliston Place Pipe & Tobacco. It's excellent.

Currently sipping champagne, and cigars tonight!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Foster Grants

New Foster Grants
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Finally got the picture up here. I like the Flickr interactivity here.

New Sunglasses Today

This message is from a Virgin Mobile user. Enjoy.


[EDIT] This direct upload attempt obviously didn't work.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from a long hiatus from Blogger

Stolen from Kenneth King's Facebook:

Pilot's Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt abstain from the intersection takeoff for, verily, the runway behind thee, as the altitude above thee, cometh not to thine aid when thou needest them.

2. Thou shalt not linger on active runways lest thou become like unto ground sirloin.

3. Ignorest thou not thy checklists for many are the switches, handles, gauges and other demons awaiting to take cruel vengeance upon thee.

4. Thou shalt cast thine eyes to thy right and also to thy left as thou passeth through the firmament lest thy fellow pilots bring flowers to thy widow.

5. Buzzeth not, for this shall surely incur the wrath of thy neighbors and the fury of the FAA shall be called down upon thy head.

6. Thou shalt be ever mindful of thy fuel lest there be nothing in thy tank to sustain thee upon the air and thy days be made short.

7. Trust not thine eyes to lead thee through the cloud
lest the Archangel Gabriel await thee therein.

8. Thou shalt not trespass into the thunderstorm lest the tempest rend the wings from thy chariot and cast thee naked into the firmament.

9. Put not thy trust in weather prophets, for when the truth is not in, then they shall not accompany thee among thy ancestors.

10. Often shalt thou confirm thine airspeed on final lest the earth rise up and smite thee.