Friday, May 16, 2008


The street full of uniforms and flags was shocked to silence for the space of a breath as the sound of the shot echoed up the streets of Berlin. Then all was paranoia and chaos as the crowds fled the scene in panic. The soldiers stuck to their training and stood where they were, except those near the dictator. He was rushed into an armoured truck, which was positioned directly behind his Mercedes.
Some Allied sniper scum! That must be it. A foolhardy, brazen attempt on the leader's life. Only the Furor himself actually knew what was afoot.

Walter's hand shook badly as he keyed the comm mic.
"Direct hit confirmed. It's been shot off, and it landed somewhere on the east side of the street."
-Roger, proceeding with airstrike.
I wonder if they would have me in this position if they knew how scared I am!

The Gotha Go-229 is an incredible aircraft, a prime example of German engineering. It is a flying wing with two jet engines, far ahead of its time. The swastika-emblazened trio of Go-229s had impressed the parade-goers earlier with an incredibly low flyby, as the three seemingly unified pieces of aluminum had screamed down the wide street directly over their heads and then shot up straight as an arrow out of sight into the mile-high clouds. But of all the people there that day, only Walter knew that these pilots were not the pride of the Luftwaffe, but instead were members of the most elite unit of French saboteurs. Today was the fruit of a collossal amount of studying and planning (also a little killing) on their part.
Walter watched and listened for them as he packed his collapsible sniper rifle into his kitbag and prepared his unusually heavy sidearm for what was certainly the most daring stunt he had ever been involved in.

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